A Homebrew Pinball Machine

The Backglass

The backglass began as a piece of black and white art drawn with pen on Bristol paper.

Backglass original art

Then the art was scanned at high resolution and colored on the computer.

Backglass after being digitally colored

The full color artwork was separated into CMYK channels for screen printing following this tutorial. The dots of magenta ink are visible in Manhog's skin when examined closely.

Backglass showing CMYK dither

An additional layer of heavy opaque ink is used to control where light will be visible when installed.

Backglass mask

When printed onto tempered glass by Classic Playfield Reproductions in Halifax, all the layers come together into the final image.

Backglass when backlit

You can see more photos of the Frank backglass in the project gallery at Classic Playfield Reproductions.