Friends of the Waterfront
Olympia, Washington

A sample email to people you know around the state...

Subject: Please help save our State Capitol's beautiful views!

Please help save the spectacular view from the State Capitol and the Law Officers' Memorial. Call the free Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 and leave a message with them asking your representatives asking them to concur in the Senate amendments to House Bill 1379. (The hotline staff will do the rest - sending your message on to your two state representatives.)

These bills would declare the Olympia isthmus a shoreline of statewide significance and keep building heights there low. Without them, five members of the Olympia City Council may well succeed in rezoning this bit of land to put a couple of hundred high-rise million dollar condos in the middle of the Capitol's beautiful historic view, which is enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors from all over the state each year.

You can see what the beautiful view from the Capitol looked like until 1965 at (Local groups are working to try to restore it to this state eventually).

Without your help and the passage of these bills, it may well end up like the image at instead. (The windowed tower was built in 1965; all the gray shapes to the left of it would be filled by condos under the rezone.)

Please send this request on to anyone else around the state that you think might care about this issue - especially to people around Auburn, Mukilteo, or Kitsap and Peirce counties!

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