Friends of the Waterfront
Olympia, Washington

Yard Signs

If you'd like a sign for your yard, please contact us at or 360-352-1346.

Window Signs

You can get signs like these at our meetings that are big enough to display in your window, or just click on the images above to display a larger version that you can print yourself on a regular sheet of paper, if you have a printer. (You'll need to use Page Setup to tell the printer you want to print in Landscape mode, on the long direction of the paper....)

Download our flyer

Click here to download a PDF version. It's two-sided, so you need to print one side, then turn the paper over and print the other side, then fold it.


You can also get sticker versions of our signs to wear - at our meetings, or by printing them yourself and putting a tape loop on the back to hold them on. (These are saved as PDF files, so you'll need to have Acrobat Reader or something like that on your computer to display and print them, but it's very likely that you already do.)